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Read what parents are saying about Josh Phaff's Juggling Chug

Did your son benefit from the chug and have a great time? Please tell me about it. I would enjoy hearing from you!

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I had the pleasure of observing Josh Phaff's juggling Chug and was extremely impressed! Josh's encouragement of the children, acceptance of all levels of proficiency, and clear step by step instructions, made his chugim great fun for my son and his friends. Its clear that Josh understands kids as well as he performs for them! Not only is juggling a fun and kosher outlet, but the manner in which Josh teaches builds self-confidence and self esteem as well! A winning combination! Keep up the great work!

An appreciative Mom, Mrs. Mina Spitz, Jerusalem


Dear Josh,

Thank you for the so-much-more than a juggling chug! My kids had a blast! They learned alot and enjoyed the chinese yo-yo the best. Thank you especially for your upbeat, positive attitude. The atmosphere at the chug was always warm and enthusiastic.

Starr Family, Jerusalem


Dear Josh,

We feel blessed that your outstanding juggling chug was a part of menachem's Jerusalem experience. We are thrilled to be able to express our appreciation to you. He will always have wonderful memories of being the recipient of your professional yet caring advice at your fun,exciting & amazingly great classes.The hour just flew by... & the creative Juggling Beis Medrash (the Jerusalem Juggling Club) was a hit! My juggling skills are being put to great use at simchas & other get-together's. Much hatzlacha in Jerusalem...any chance in opening up a branch here???...I have loads of friends who would love to meet & juggle with you after hearing all about you!

The Ingber's in L.A.



In the beginning of the year I warned Josh that my son Yaacov has a long history of dropping out chugim. Josh just laughed and said he was up for the challenge. He really was! Yaakov stayed in the chug for the entire year! Thanks, Josh, for challenging Yaakov with a wide range of new skills and activities! He not only stuck with it, but he has become an amazing juggler in the process!

The Jacobs, Ramat Beit Shemesh



Dear parent of any potential student in Josh Phaff’s juggling chug,

My son Moshe Noll has been attended and I have observed the chug a good many times from start to finish. There is never a dull moment and something new every lesson. Everytime I am so impressed by the demeanor of Josh. Ever Cheerful, ever attentive to each child-Josh has the Knack to make every child feel positive. Josh The “joie de vivre” of the class is something really to savour. Josh is a builder of people to their esteem. Of course Josh’s professionalism speaks for itself- he is an expert at his trade…but to run a class with little kids and to maintain a happy and joyful atmosphere is simply amazing. Josh has an endless amount of patience and makes every moment a positive experience.

With best wishes to Josh and his students. Much Gratitude,

David Noll, Ramat Beit Shemesh


My son looked forward all week to your juggling chug! Acheiving a new skill or milestone in Yosefs juggling gave him such pride and sense of accomplishment. The time he spent preacticing at home (and entertaining the "littler" one) was relaxing for him and generally put him in a good mood! I highly recommend your juggling chug! There are quite a variety of activities and challenges that you teach at your chug that goes beyond just juggling balls! My son lools forward to continuing next year.

Shaul and Michal Baruch, Beit Shemesh


Dear Josh,

Yehudah looks forward to your chug every week. Not only does he juggle all the time in between chugim he pushes himself to his limits. He's never scared to try something new and if the ball or ring falls you just pick it up and continue. It's a great metaphor for life

Don't get down just keep going. I highly recommend this chug. It has definitely given him motivation and self esteem.

Thank you so much!

Michal G.,  Ramat Beit Shemesh



A quick note to thank you for giving our son Binyomin an amazingly fun and educational experience this year in your juggling chug.

When he started off, he couldn't juggle at all. But very soon he was performing for us and juggling all kinds of things in all kinds of ways.I remember a particularly proud moment for him when we went to a wedding. Someone put Binyomin on his shoulders. Binyomin took out his three professional quality juggling balls and began to juggle. He was in the middle of everyone and everyone was laughing, smiling, pointing and clapping.He did a FANTASTIC job. And he felt great afterwards.He also LOVES the unicycle that he gets to ride at chug. I keep offering to take one wheel off his bicycle, but he says it's not the same. Oh well. It's good he goes to chug.

A big thank you for giving our son a very valuable year of fun and personal development.

Dov and Sarah Gordon, Ramat Beit Shemesh



Dear Josh,

This year's juggling Chug has been amazing for my son. It has given him a new sense of confidence that he didn't know he had. Now he has something that he is not only good at but great at! He has enjoyed the Chug so much - Wednesday was the best day of the week. and all week he looked forward to it. It has helped him make new friends that he otherwise would not have made. It has helped him in the art of concentration and determination that has helped him in his school learning also. At his brothers bar mitzva two weeks ago he had the confidence to do in front of everyone a little jugging act - something he would not have been able to do a year ago.


Thank you very much for all your hard work - we are looking forward to next years Chug already!

Tziri Weiniger, Ramat Beit Shemesh



Dear Josh,

Thank you for this wonderful year of juggling lessons. Yechiel has gained confidence, acquired the ability to משמח חתן וכלה in an exceptioanl manner and has entertained himself and his family countless times!

All the best! S.Y. Raymond

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