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Introducing: Josh Phaff's "Street Smart" Show Magic and juggling entertainment with a message! Josh Phaff's "Street Smart" Show is a fantastic way to engage, entertain and teach kids about the importance of Road Safety. This fun, interactive, 50- to 60-minute performance for kindergarten through sixth grade has been approved by the Ministry of Education and is now available for schools, youth clubs and camps throughout Israel. With a lively mix of juggling, magic and humor, along with lots of audience participation, Josh demonstrates important lessons such as: wearing a seatbelt, how to cross the street safely, wearing a bicycle helmet, and other important lessons. Josh's energetic and exciting stage personality engages kids from the start, conveying the Road Safety message in an enjoyable and memorable way. (Teachers love it, too!) Be smart – save lives! Bring Josh Phaff's "Street Smart" Show to your school or group today!

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