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For hundreds of years, juggling and "shtick" (comical routines) have been the favorite entertainment at Jewish weddings. Put a new spin on your simcha with a special guest performer whose unique brand of juggling, magic and good humor will turn your wedding into an audience-happy affair! With personality and skill, Josh encourages wedding guests to build up their simcha levels and bring greater joy to the chassan and kallah (groom and bride) throughout the happy occasion. At the reception, walking from table to table, out on the dance floor, and in one-to-one interactions, Josh performs eye-catching juggling feats and sleight-of-hand tricks, accompanied by lots of comedy and humor. Each "show" only lasts a few moments, but soon all the guests are laughing, clapping, and in a great mood. Always courteous and considerate, Josh carefully decides when the time is right to stage a performance, never interfering or “overdoing it” in any way. The chassan and kallah will always be in the spotlight, and your guests will be happy they came!


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