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Planning a school assembly, a Rosh Chodesh or holiday show, an end-of-the-year party, or a motivational prize event? Ask any student what he or she likes and you'll get your answer: Magic! Juggling! Let the show begin! Josh earns top marks from principals, teachers and students for his "class act" – including card and rope magic, balancing acts and juggling of balls, rings and clubs all the way up to fiery torches. Many "volunteers" are tapped as juggling and magic assistants during the show, and their ad libs and funny reactions are woven right into the performance. Fluent in both English and Hebrew, Josh also incorporates the themes of your choosing into his many routines, backing up the fun with solid educational messages.

How about this idea for motivating students, promoting teamwork and instilling good middos: juggling workshops! With years of experience teaching children of all ages to juggle, Josh can also offer your school a one-hour weekly workshop geared to different age groups. Besides being lots of fun, juggling develops and improves concentration, focus, coordination and reflexes. It also fosters self-confidence and the ability to overcome challenges. Workshops give students the opportunity to practice juggling different kinds of props, share their ideas and skills, work as a team, and interact with courtesy and consideration for others.Defying the laws of gravity, Josh demonstrates his special philosophy that what goes up (in learning, growth and entertainment) keeps going up! Put Josh on your school calendar today!

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